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Are Your Business Telephone Systems Future-Proof?

Jay SEO - Tuesday, May 14, 2019

In the past, office telephone systems were too complex and expensive. Also, every site required special phone hardware. These aspects made the cost of quality office telephone systems very high back in the days. But thanks to the internet, the scenario has changed entirely now. Business internet connections have developed immensely. Business phone systems now run quickly due to VOIP technology.

Benefits of VOIP telephone systems

Initially, VOIP office phone systems had demerits mainly due to their dependence on the internet. But this issue is also resolved owing to the optimal quality of internet connection in recent years. VOIP telephone systems are user-friendly and can be programmed easily. Some of VoIP phones come with an LCD touchscreen. This lists the phone numbers within the LCD screen; circumventing the need to jot it manually all over the phone.

How is VoIP telephone system cost efficient?

The price of the VoIP system is balanced against the older analog arrangements. VoIP telephone systems have a low maintenance cost. This is because the hardware is hosted off-site at a data center. This lowers the running costs as all of them are attended by the host company.

There are further savings due to the peer to peer calls. Colleagues can make free calls to one another whether they are based at different sites or locations. If you dial an extension which his listed within the VoIP telephone systems, then it is free of charge.Virtual PBX phone services in London is less expensive than making a call on a standard telephone/ mobile phone service as all calls are delivered across the internet.

How is VoIP the future of business telephone systems?

The dependence on PSTN and ISDN telephone services are decreasing with the enhancement of internet technology. Services which would rely on copper cabling are now replaced with NBN cabling in the ground. VOIP telephone calls have become more reliable and of superior quality with an increase in bandwidth from the NBN. It is extremely easy to transfer large files, which caused many issues in the past. Regardless of the size of your business, VOIP telephone systems have several advantages. Hence, they are now the preferred business phone systems.

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