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  • Samsung Call Recording

    Samsung Call Recording

    Call recording devices can be a very useful tool for a lot of companies. Many different businesses utilise this service across a wide range of sectors, including finance, insurance and law, with the most common uses for this service being staff training and to provide evidence of commercial transactions.

    Ensuring that your business has a quality call recording system installed can be vital when it comes to playing back recordings, as there is nothing more irritating than trying to decipher a crackling, inaudible recording, especially when trying to prove a certain deal that could be important to the firm.

    One of the most popular call recording systems that we stock is manufactured by Samsung, a household name for many businesses and individuals who will recognise the wide range of electronics that it has developed over the years. These systems tend to use VoIP and are compatible with digital, analogue and SIP trunks.

    Although the world of business is seeing an evolution in communications, with the introduction of social media amongst other things, there is still a huge demand for telecommunication systems that include call recording. These devices are constantly being improved, with manufacturers such as Samsung developing new functions and features to ensure that businesses are able to cope with this rise in technology and communication.

    Here at Norwest, we aim to deliver the best telecommunications technology possible and have been helping companies broaden their communication horizons since 1991. Give us a call today to find out if we can help you out with your call recording requirements.