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  • Samsung Call Management
    Samsung Call Management

    Samsung Call Management

    When running a business that handles a lot of calls, it can be advantageous to have information such as how long your staff are on the phone to each client and how many calls have gone unanswered. Call-reporting systems can provide all of these details and can help your company to improve in many different departments as well.

    Call reporting is a sophisticated administrative telephone tool that provides the relevant parties with data about every call that comes through the system, such as the total time spent on the phone during a certain period of time.

    This means that call-reporting software can be a pivotal aspect of many business’ telecommunication needs, and if addressed correctly, it can lead to an improvement in a team’s sales and even customer service skills.

    Samsung is one of the industry’s leading companies in developing call-reporting systems. The Korean firm is one of the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers and is a household name for many people, especially in the telecommunications sector. Having call-reporting devices with a recognised brand can often give businesses the reassurance that the system is reliable and can be trusted, whether it is being constantly used or just from time to time.

    Norwest has been in the telecommunications business since 1991 and has developed a vast knowledge about the subject, which means that you can trust us to point you in the right direction. If your company is seeking to install a call-reporting system, get in touch with us now and we will be able to offer you our expertise.