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  • Samsung Call Centre

    Samsung Call Centre

    Samsung is a Korean electronics company that has been operating since 1938 and become one of the most recognised brands worldwide. It produces a wide range of products for both businesses and individuals that can help improve all forms of telecommunications, including those that handle a large volume of calls.

    The Contact Centre is a product offered by the electronics giant that aims to improve caller experiences. It does this by reducing the number of people waiting in queues that ultimately lead to a loss of custom. This platform also offers other features, such as call recording to help enhance a business’ telecommunications process.

    Samsung’s Contact Centre has been developed to integrate with other telecommunication products from the firm, such as the OfficeServ platform. The Contact Centre has been developed as a time-saving resource, as it enables calls to be processed more efficiently within the office, both during and after hours. Its main feature allows callers to reserve their place in a telephone queue, giving them the ability to hang up and take a call-back once they reach the front, which can be a huge factor for improving customer satisfaction.

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