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  • NEC MyCalls Contact Centre

    NEC MyCalls Contact Centre

    How many times have you missed out on business because you haven’t got proper call management software in place at your call centre? If the answer is that you have no idea, it is probably time to acquire NEC’s MyCalls Contact Centre.

    Perfect for Contact Centres

    This software, which comes from a leading high-tech firm, is an essential tool for contact centres and specialist companies that handle a large volume of calls. It can provide supervisors with full control of any extensions around the office, as well as proper management of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) groups, all from their desktop.

    MyCalls Contact Centre can be tightly integrated into a number of top-of-the-line communication systems, including NEC’s SV8100 and SV9100. This allows for the gathering of real-time data, which leads to greater productivity and reduced costs.

    Monitor Performance

    An intuitive desktop display will let supervisors not only monitor agents so that their training and handling can become more efficient, but also give information on key performance parameters. This includes call waiting times and the number of customers who are queuing, which means that action can be swiftly taken during times of high call volume.

    Meanwhile, the ACD technology ensures that the calls are getting to the right agent to handle any queries, taking its cues from pre-established criteria. This not only makes the system more efficient and improves customer experience, but it means that less money is wasted by staff having to constantly pass calls around.

    At Norwest, our technically led team will make sure that clients receive a top-notch service that is suited to their needs, so contact us today to get the ball rolling.