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    NEC SL1100

    Businesses nowadays need to be able to respond to opportunities at a moment’s notice, but they may be missing out if they are using an unwieldy, expensive system that is not tailored to their needs. Luckily, this is where the SL1100 comes in.

    Created by NEC to act as a powerful messaging tool for enterprises on a limited budget, the SL1100 Communication System can help to make your company more productive, responsive and reachable.

    About the NEC SL1100 System

    Allowing for unified communication solutions, the SL1100 can deliver a more efficient performance across your entire organisation, saving you time and money. The intuitive device is designed with small businesses in mind, especially as making a smarter use of communication tools can help to lower operational overheads considerably.

    The SL1100 can link between desktop phones, headsets and other applications to speed up working processes, while it can also divert calls to mobiles for when you need to take your business on the move. Enhanced voicemail options can keep you up to date, while DECT wireless communication technology means that you are able to take a call from anywhere in the building.

    Thanks to advanced networking tools, collaboration has never been easier than with the SL1100. Efficiency can be improved and duplications eliminated by the sharing of a single intercom and voicemail system, while calls can be transferred seamlessly between departments.

    The SL Desktop Suite also allows for better management of your communications, with its intuitive handling meaning that tasks only take a few clicks to complete.

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