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  • NEC MyCalls Call Management
    NEC MyCalls Call Management

    NEC MyCalls Call Management

    When it comes to knowing how your business is performing, especially when it depends on handling a large volume of calls, it’s a case of the more data that you can gather, the better positioned your enterprise will be.

    With this in mind, Japanese innovator NEC has designed a suite of call management solutions to go with its telephone systems, including the NEC SV9100 and NEC SL1100. Using the MyCalls Call Management software, entrepreneurs will soon be able to increase the productivity of their business, as well as reduce costs.

    Retain Call Conversations with MyCalls

    Companies that make use of NEC’s MyCalls Call Management programs will never have to worry about missing vital information from a conversation again, as phone calls can be easily recorded and conveniently accessed. This will also help with staff training, leading to an enhanced customer experience.

    The software also provides statistics in real time, so that supervisors are able to react swiftly to any changes in call traffic. This means that customers will not be left waiting on the end of the line for too long, leading to fewer business opportunities being lost.

    Overall, utilising MyCalls Call Management will mean that enterprises will be able to handle higher traffic volumes for reduced costs, all while improving their customer service. As such, companies will be in a better position to win more business over their competition.

    At Norwest, we make sure that our clients have confidence in the quality of the service and advice that we offer, so contact us today to find out whether MyCalls Call Management will be the right solution for your enterprise.