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  • Samsung Xchange

    Samsung Xchange

    As one of the world’s most recognised electronics brands, Samsung’s products are relied upon by millions of people to make their everyday lives easier, including while at work. Many businesses utilise Samsung telephone systems, as they boast features that enable companies to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

    The Samsung Xchange range, for instance, has been specially developed for businesses to deal with customer enquiries in a more efficient manner, allowing queries to be dealt with in a quicker fashion and logging calls straight to the company’s CRM and databases. Such tools can make everyone involved in the telecommunications process much happier.

    Xchange connects a business’ telephone system to the office computers, which gives many advantages. It can help employees prepare for phone calls and be better equipped whist dealing with them. As this product connects to the company database, it can also look up the number of the incoming caller and provide employees with their details before the call is answered, bringing up the relevant information in a small, discreet window on the computer screen.

    The Xchange range includes products for both office systems and mobile solutions, so peace of mind can be had in and out of the workplace.

    If your business is looking to install a Samsung Xchange product, give Norwest a call. We’ve been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, and have the knowledge and expertise to satisfy you that your system has been installed correctly and for the best price. Call our friendly customer service team to find out more.