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  • NEC MyCalls Desktop

    NEC MyCalls Desktop

    When it comes to making sure that your call centre operations are being properly managed, Japanese firm NEC has a number of products that will keep your company firmly in the black. Especially for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the top-of-the-line MyCalls range is fast becoming an essential piece of kit.

    The products, which allow SMEs to achieve the professional performances of much larger call centres, can be managed in real time by using MyCalls Desktop. This helps to give companies that use them a distinct advantage in the market place.

    About the NEC MyCalls Desktop

    For one, using MyCalls Desktop can lead to increased communication capabilities. This allows professionals to create a fully formed call centre, with functionality being built around NEC’s ACD technology, which can cater for an enhanced customer experience.

    Next, an increase in the amount of control that you have over call centre operations will lead to better management. By reducing the delays that callers face and handling queues much more efficiently, this in turn will raise service standards while reducing overheads for the business.

    Also, MyCalls Desktop makes it much easier for supervisors to train and manage staff, which will improve the experience of customers and make processes more efficient. This can be done through real-time information about calls and activity reports, so that the performance and training of agents can be closely monitored.

    Furthermore, MyCalls Desktop allows computer and telephone integration to screen pop information on a PC about the incoming caller from a wide range of databases, such as Outlook, Sage, GoldMine, Act! and many more.

    Click to Dial

    MyCalls Desktop also allows users to highlight a telephone number on a screen with their mouse and click to dial the number – even on a website.

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