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  • Industrial Telephones
    Industrial TelephonesIndustrial TelephonesIndustrial Telephones

    Industrial Telephones

    Traditionally, we might picture telephones as ergonomic devices that look stylish on an office desk, or in mobile form in our pockets. However, what if your business needs to communicate in industrial surroundings, where such factors as moisture and temperature may be a threat to ordinary electronics?

    At Norwest, we cater for companies in this position with a range of industrial telephones, which are designed to withstand the rigours of a somewhat more testing environment than the average office. With metals like aluminium and stainless steel commonly used, the electronics of the phone are kept well away from in elements by materials that are highly resistant to corrosion.

    Industrial telephones come in particularly useful for outside use. With the British weather always throwing up surprises, be it heavy rain or extreme cold, locations like industrial sites and railway stations need to be able to rely on a phone that will withstand the most testing of conditions.

    In warehouses and factories, impact resistance is also of importance, which is why industrial telephones are usually in box form, with the buttons encased inside and the outer door providing a sturdy barrier against any knocks and bashes.

    Having been an the forefront of digital communication since 1991, we understand that all businesses have messages they need to get from one point to the next, and that they should not be restricted from doing this by unsuitable equipment or services. With our fully trained engineers ready to quell any concerns that you might have about installation, make Norwest your choice for industrial telephones.