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  • Video & Audio Conferencing
    Video & Audio Conferencing

    Video & Audio Conferencing

    Audio Conferencing

    Business in the 21st Century is all about staying connected with peers, regardless of time and distance, so make sure that your audio conferencing equipment is capable of placing your company at the pinnacle of communication.

    Although email and social media have expanded our business communication capabilities, the most immediate way to exchange ideas is through an audio conference. Once set up, enterprises can ensure that they can communicate with several parties throughout the country, continent or world, all without the effort and expense of travelling to be in the same place at the same time. They can also ensure that they have a computer in front of them, thus allowing them to instantly convert voices into written records of ideas.

    Video Conferencing

    There are times in business where seeing is as important as hearing, and the digital era has made it a breeze for people to communicate as effectively from one side of the world to the other as they would if in the same room. Video conferencing units are a must for any modern company, and we offer a top-class range of them here at Norwest.

    Since travel costs are one of the biggest burdens to companies of all sizes, businesses can make better use of their cash by investing in quality video conferencing units and communicating with their peers without leaving the office. With razor-sharp picture quality and crystal-clear sound detection, we provide units from a number of leaders in the field.

    With a selection of Hosted PBX systems to choose from, you can bring your business bang up to date and make the most of cloud technology to ensure a flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to digital communication.